The Web3 Project WhitePaper

Others suffer $200k liq loss and price dump everyday

Other projects give quite big amount of LP tokens to pancakeswap. And pancakeswap removes liquidity to get BNB / tokens. Also pancakeswap dumps tokens to get BNB. As a result, other projects lose big portion of liquidity everyday and suffer from big price drop everyday.
Losing amount depends on the remove/dump timing and the project. In titano case, we checked $400k liquidity removed and $1.5m transferred for dump In safuu case, around $600k liquidity removed


All projects using pancakeswap to generate pair need to pay protocol fee. And this address is the official pancakeswap fee collector.
Usual projects don't provide that big portion of the liquidity. But all titano forks have to pay big portion if some conditions are met.

Examples of loss and dump

For example of titano, (other projects like safuu, etc are also suffering heavily by this)
this link includes transactions made by pancakeswap for titano token. you can check many transactions are done for removing and selling.
as you can see in some of the transactions, pancakeswap periodically removes big amount of liquidity to get big amount of BNB and tokens.
And they dump big amount of tokens to get BNB, causing heavy price drops in the chart.
Sometimes they transfer big amount of tokens to other wallet. High likely to dump them and already did.
It means pancakeswap removes big amount of liquidity from other projects everyday. And also dumps big amount of token from other projects everyday.
You can check others by that link format, this is safuu case.

We don't have those big loss and dump

As we are also using pancakeswap, we are not free from giving fee so remove/dump happens on our project also. But, due to our special algorithm, pancakeswap cannot remove / dump big amount
And if later, when they seems to get so high fee, we have some safety algorithms ready to be upgraded to reduce that.