The Web3 Project WhitePaper

WEB3 Swap & Wrap + Lock

Swap System

Here at The Web3 Project we have our own Swap system for you to sell/buy our token with BNB straight from our website.

Get Wrapped Web3

To get $wWeb3 you have to either buy from Bitmart or wrap your $TWEP straight from our dashboard HERE. You'll also be able to Wrap and Unwrap straight from our site. Is your $wWeb3 still rebasing? In a way, yes. How? $wWeb3 calculation will always be 1000 $wWeb3 = 1% of TWEP supply Example: If supply has grown about 2.06x(206,000) since launch Then 1 $WWEB3 = 2.06 $WEB3. This means that whenever you Unwrap $wWeb3, you will get the TWEP you deserve depending on how much the supply is.

Locking $wWeb3

With $wWeb3 you can lock right where you Wrapped, which gives you Point Web3($pWeb3), that can be used at our Point shop. We have Multi-Lock(3 Lock tabs) live. Each one gives a certain %. Multi lock gives bonus of 60%/20%/10% each.