The Web3 Project WhitePaper

$WUSD Swap & Staking

You can find our $WUSD Swap & Staking HERE​


There will be a 1% Tax when Swapping $WUSD for $BUSD. Swapping rate stays at 0.9-1.1 -If price price stays between 0.97-1.03, it is At Peg. -If price is not between 0.97-1.03, it is depegged. -If depegged, you can trade for Bond(Coming soon) For safety, $BUSD reserve size will be limited. It will be refilled a few times a week.


When Staking $WUSD, you will be rewarded in $TWEP with a 36% APR, a 0.1% daily reward that is stacked every 24h. You can unstake at any time. Multi-Lock Staking rewards will also hold different bonuses.(10%/5%/0%)
Staking calc $TWEP Reward Amount = Staked $WUSD Amount * Staked Days(0.1% per day) / $TWEP Price at unstake