Troubleshooting Errors

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Remember, if there is someone made a buy/sell in the chart, it means trade is possible.


It is a slippage issue.​


It is NOT a slippage issue. You are trying to buy more than the limit, 10% of price impact.


It is NOT a slippage issue. Check sell checklists​​

transfer amount exceeds allowance

approve first

subtraction overflow

your balance is lower than how much you want to spend

invalid input value

type only number and dot in the input

cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit

This happens because Pancakeswap and Poocoin use a subpar algorithm.
Using desktop Chrome + Metamask extension is recommended.

no keyring found

Refresh to set correct wallet address
Set exact number in the BNB input (or other tokens to buy $WEB3)
Don't set exact number for the $WEB3 input.
We recommend using swap system in our website
Set exact number in the $TWEP input
Don't set exact number for the BNB input.
If using poocoin, don't use auto slippage. Use manual and set a higher slippage.
If still not working, refresh the page and try again.
If an error not listed here occurs, or if you are still having trouble even after following these steps, then contact @ALLCOINLAB with screenshots.