Avatar NFTs
Web3's Avatars are customizable and very unique.
Some samples of what you can create with our Avatar UI

NFT Avatar Concept

You will be able to obtain parts to build your own avatar the way you want to in our very own Avatar UI. Each part comes with its own bonus/perk.
Own exclusive NFT collections that uniquely interact with the ecosystem. One of its kind avatar creator where every piece features a bonus:
  • Reduced transaction tax
  • Increased stake APY
  • Increased rewards %
Use this avatar to enter the metaverse, where you can socialize and earn in many different ways.
You can pick 9 NFT Avatar item from each 9 parts. You may not choose some part. Avatar will be generated without those parts. 'Assemble' will generate NFT profile by using 9 NFT item.
NFT Avatar will activate perks of 9 NFT item by holding
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